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Product Cards
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Restock displays without charge, insure lengthy deliveries of goods, renew damaged products, and expand the stockroom.

Earn From

Helping neighbours, stocking products, lottery games, etc.


15 Product Cards for 5 Marketland Cash

Base Price

No information


Charge-Free Stock -[]

Product Cards have multiple uses, like that of Shopper Cards. Firstly, they allow you to automatically restock your displays, free of charge. Each display has a set amount of stock that you receive from a Product Card, this being the amount of a Quick Delivery option multiplied three times over.

Insure Lengthy Delivery -[]

Product cards can be used in the case of delivering stock to displays. Unlike Quick Delivery Cards, Product Cards are used to "Insure" products, or protect products, with lengthy delivery times that you may forget about, from being damaged.

Renewing Products -[]

Damaged products cannot be stocked, and must be thrown away, or can be reset to undamaged stock using Product Cards. The amount of Product Cards required to "reset" these damaged products, often vary based on the delivery time it took to arrive.

Stockroom Upgrades -[]

Finally, Product Cards can be used to upgrade the storage of your Stockroom. Stockroom storage growth allows you to keep more products that can't currently be placed on shelves, without having to throw them away thanks to faulty display storage. Although Stockrooms are unlocked and often more useful later game, it is important to note their usefulness once the E-Commerce Machine is placed amongst your market.

Lottery Games -[]

Super Boss Spin -[]

The Super Boss Spin is a lottery machine usually costing 8 Product Cards. When the correct payment is applied, the machine will spin its three vertical wheels with item images on them usually consisting of Marketland Coins, Marketland Cash, Market Cards, and Limited Edition items. If any of the items match up across all three lines of wheel, you will receive the prize in the line created.

Bingo -[]

Bingo also costs Product Cards, and for everytime it is paid, you will receive a random letter corresponding with a random number. If the letter/number combination matches with one of the white balls on your "Bingo Board" it will fill in. If you get a row of 5 filled bingo balls, the prize at the end of the row is yours for the keeping.