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Marketland Cash
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Purchase items (decorations, Coin-Op Machines, Attractions), Complete unfinished quests, expand your market and purchase missing collection items.

Earn From

Leveling up, awards, and purchase


26 Marketland Cash for 5 US Dollars - 60 Marketland Cash for 10 US Dollars - 125 Marketland Cash for 20 US Dollars - 325 Marketland Cash for 50 US Dollars - 750 Marketland Cash for 100 US Dollars

Base Price

10 Marketland for 2 US Dollars

Marketland Cash is the hard currency of the game. It is one of Marketland's main profits from out-of-game currencies and has a multitude of purposes in-game.


Purchasing Items -[]

Marketland Cash can be used to purchase many different items in the Marketland shop such as rare decorations, Coin-Op machines, Attractions, and many more. These decorations and machines are often special edition, or overall difficult to obtain and require purchase exclusively through Marketland Cash.

Purchasing Upgrades -[]

You can use Marketland Cash to purchase multiple upgrades for your market as well as items. The following upgrades are available for purchase using Marketland Cash:

  • More Delivery Trucks
  • Expand your market
  • Special bulk item deals
  • Market Cards
  • The ability to power gadgets

Questing -[]

You can also use the cash to complete un-finished quests. Whether seasonal, progressive, stocking, or original set quests, cash costs will vary depending on the difficulty of the quest. No matter if you pay to complete a quest, or complete the quest traditionally, you will still receive the rewards of the quest.

How to Get Marketland Cash[]

Purchase -[]

You can purchase Marketland Cash using out-of-game cash from a range of 10-750 Marketland Cash. The larger amount of cash you pay for, you get a larger discount. The following are the current options for purchase:

  • 10 Marketland Cash for 2 US Dollars
  • 26 Marketland Cash for 5 US Dollars - 4% Discount
  • 60 Marketland Cash for 10 US Dollars - 20% Discount
  • 125 Marketland Cash for 20 US Dollars - Most Popular - 25% Discount
  • 325 Marketland Cash for 50 US Dollars - 30% Discount
  • 750 Marketland Cash for 100 US Dollar - Most Value - 50% Discount

In-Game Earning of Marketland Cash -[]

You can earn Marketland Cash in-game in multiple ways. You can earn the cash through leveling up, earning awards, or getting achievements. For every level, you receive 1 Marketland Cash; for every 10 awards achieved, you receive varying amounts of cash for each step up. You receive 3 Marketland Cash for the Bronze Plaque, 5 Marketland Cash for the Silver Plaque, and 7 Marketland Cash for the Gold Plaque. (Below is an image of the Bronze Plaque earned after completing 10 achievement ribbons.

Bronze Plaque Award - Receives 3 Marketland Cash on Completion

Super Boss Spin -[]

You can earn Marketland Cash not only from out-of-game purchase, leveling, and achievement- you can also earn cash from the Super Boss Spin lottery machine. The machine, after payment, will spin randomly and has a chance to give a reward if three of the lottery wheels match up. One of the more rare options in the Super Boss Spin is to earn Marketland Cash when the three images of Marketland Cash match up. With low chances, earning Marketland Cash in this way is unreliable, and an unnecessary waste of Product Cards if you are searching for quick cash.