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Luxury Points in the main scores bar

Luxury Points
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Unlocks new customer types

Earn From

Placing decorations with Luxury Point values inside your market


Not able to purchase in-game

Base Price


Luxury Points are primarily for unlocking new customer types. Unlocking new customer types allows you to earn more from customers andfind more collectibles, which can be used in exchange for rewards that boost your game progess.

For many displays, you must have a certain amount of Luxury Points in order to sell/serve products to customers. Be warned that by removing or asdashdfcertain items with Luxury Points these displays will become inactive and unable to sell. The purple diamond icon will appear onver a display that no longer can be sold due to a shortage of Luxury Points. To restore it, simply place the Luxury Points items back into your market (ones you already own can be found in your Inventory) or purchase more decorations with Luxury Points to proceed.

Customer Types Unlocked with Luxury Points[]

Here is a list of the various customer types you can unlock by placing items that give luxury points to your Market.

Image Customer Type Budget Max Purchase (# of products) Luxury Points Needed
Daily Shopper Daily Shopper 10-50 3 0
Student Student 50-100 3 300
Sporty Sporty 100-250 4 1000
Fashionista Fashionista 250-500 4 2000
Homelover Homelover 500-1000 5 3000
Tourist Tourist 1000-2000 5 5000
Clubber Clubber 2000-3000 6 7500
Geek Geek 3000-4000 6 10000
Hobbyist Hobbyist 4000-5000 7 15000
Celebrity Celebrity 5000-6000 7 20000
Tycoon Tycoon 6000-8000 8 25000
Royal Royal 8000-10000 8 50000