Marketland Wiki

The Build menu

Every market needs decor! To find decorations, open up the build section of the bottom menu.

There are several categories of decorations, with Displays, Attractions, Coin-Op Items, and Booster Gadgets being key items. Decorations with a high amount of Luxury Points help you unlock new customer types. Note that you will lose these Luxury Points if you store or sell decorations that have Luxury Points.

Nevertheless, you do have an unlimited option to drag items to the Inventory when you want to put them away for later use. To do this, open the decoration menu and just hold and drag an object beyond store borders (even on the grass or on the highway), or just drag it exactly on the Inventory which you can see in the decoration menu, indicated with a room icon.You can not drag floor tiles and wallpapers; instead they go to your Inventory automatically when you place a new tile on the former. If you drag a full display to the Inventory, all products will be stocked in the Stockroom.

You always have the option to sell the decorations in your store. To do this, you must put them away in your Inventory first. There you can find the “Sell” button on each object. You can also sell the products in your Stockroom.


How can I have more Displays? All displays are in the Displays tab in the decoration menu. Some displays may appear as “locked” and they require reaching a certain level to be unlocked.

What do the Coin-op Items serve for?

Customers use the Coin-op Items very often. All Coin-op Items help you to earn coins more rapidly. Besides, they will increase your Luxury Points.You can unlock these special items by completing quests. Some are already accessible.

What do Attractions serve for?

Attractions increase your customers' budgets while they are passing around your store. Customers demand these objects very frequently if they don't see any. They also help you to increase your Luxury Points.