Marketland Wiki

Customers come in and out of your market at random intervals. Every customer has a different budget depending on their type. If your market is currently closed, customers will not arrive. However you should avoid using this unless you really have to do major improvements within your store.

Unhappy Customers[]

Unhappy customers have marginally less budgest than happy ones. It's important to keep your customers happy in order to maximize your earning. Customers can get angry when one of the following happens inside your store:

Product-Based Reasons
No products on display
Products are out of their budget
Not enough product variety
Placement Reasons:
Little space to move
Cannot use Coin-Op Items or Attractions
Cannot reach displays
Cannot reach cashiers
Store is dirty

Based on these factors, your best bet is to get as many Marketland displays inside your store, place them against the walls, and expand your market as often as your budget allows. Because the storage space of each display is pretty generous, your best bet is to restock as often as possible using the fastest restocking time – especially at the beginning of the game – to keep your customers happy.

Customer Types[]

Here is a list of the various customer types you can unlock by placing items that give Luxury Points in your Market.

VIP Image Customer Type Budget Max Purchase (# of products) Luxury Points Needed
Daily Shopper Daily Shopper 10-50 3 0
Student Student 50-100 3 300
Sporty Sporty 100-250 4 1000
Fashionista Fashionista 250-500 4 2000
Homelover Homelover 500-1000 5 3000
Tourist Tourist 1000-2000 5 5000
Clubber Clubber 2000-3000 6 7500
Geek Geek 3000-4000 6 10000
Hobbyist Hobbyist 4000-5000 7 15000
Celebrity Celebrity 5000-6000 7 20000
Tycoon Tycoon 6000-8000 8 25000
Royal Royal 8000-10000 8


VIP Customers[]

VIP Customers have dramatically higher budgets than normal customers. Keep an eye out for them so you can increase their budgets even higher with Shopper Cards. Every new customer type you unlock comes with a new VIP. You may also need to catch VIP customers to complete quests.